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Smartwatch based remote care
and emergency response system

A solution that sits on your wrist

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Stay Connected, Stay Protected with IKOGEN

Remote access to specialists

Ikogen remotely shares location, health measurements with specialists. Health service providers and elderly agencies can leverage this

24/7 Emergency Response Centre

All Emergency requests are monitored by our dedicated Emergency Response centre team and necessary care units are alerted immediately

The IKOGEN system is an integrated software/ hardware solution


Remote Access to Specialists

Making remote care and health monitoring to elderly more feasible. Suitable for monitoring your elderly family members and showing them that you care


IKOGEN monitoring site

The IKOGEN monitoring site (compatible with all mobile and desktop devices) allows the family members to monitor the vital statistics and location of the person wearing the watch in real-time


IKOGEN Support

IKOGEN Support – a 24/7 helpline which monitors all devices and takes action when prompted by an Emergency alert


The ultimate family watch, discreet and stylish, always connected to the Ikogen System, ensuring your care and safety


Step up daily sport goal, row your way to health. Get detailed information and long-term reports on your workouts and on the progress you're making.

Up your fitness levels

Fitness Tracking

Track your health on the go and share your achievements to your family and friends via IKOGEN Cloud

Independent Use

Iko-watch supports nano SIM card, 3g wifi network and Bluetooth 4.0


3G Connected

No need to sync to a smartphone or network, just wear it

Android 5.1 Operating System

Iko-watch is a smart watch which can replace smartphone

Download your favourite apps

Android connected

Download all your favourite apps from Android playstore

Heart Rate Monitoring

With the high accuracy heart rate sensor, iko-watch will help you to know your heart rate status anytime and anywhere.

Vital measurements

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring with high accuracy

Partner Schemes

The Ikogen System is a mutlilingual platform and the world’s most flexible and advanced 3G smartwatch based remote care and emergency service. Whether you have your own hardware, or you are already in the buusiness of providing care (hospitals, clinics), providing safety (security companies, emergency response units) or biometric data collection, Ikogen is the ideal ready solution to support and enhance your business.

You can download our partner program brochure here. See what Ikogen can do for you

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